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  About us  
  Our aim with this web site is to offer our clients and future clients a modern way to inform them about our products.We hope that this will make easier the communication between us.

In 2005 our company -Nokiplast ltd- has become the partner of the internationally recognized german GEALAN which is a PVC carpentry and thermal insulating glass manufacturer.

Before this our firm for  two years had a thermal insulating glass and PVC carpentry assembling activity.

During the three years long collaboration with GEALAN we experienced huge development.The turnover of the company has doubled in each year. Due to these circumstances we managed to provide high quality services and products.

It is a well-known fact that GEALAN is a prestigious brand in Europe. They have manufactured windows and door since 1968 using the latest technologies (

NOKIPLAST products meet all the demands of the clients. They are weather-proofs. They have professional sound-absorbing qualities and they are thermo-insulating. In case of  NOKIPLAST products we can speak about a wide range of colours and forms.  So that our customers have the possibility to choose the  design that fits the best into their home or office. The quality is guaranteed by the  SR EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate.

NOKIPLAST thanks for your attention you dedicated for reading about us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. We are at your disposal and we can promise that every question, request will be treated with maximum seriousness
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